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Literally "Happy chance," but it means "Nice to meet you" in Arabic. (I chose the name when I was living in Egypt.)

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magpie's nest: Shipper in Chief Gabriel Mann talks about Nolan and Emily in S2 [Revenge SPOILERS]

Outside of Nolan’s romantic life, fans can be assured that he still has close ties with Emily in the new season though Mann said that the green-eyed monster might come into play. “I think Emily and I may both find ourselves tangled up in certain situations,” he teased. “We’ll be looking at each…

Mann also previewed that “family is a huge thing this year. I am told I have mystery siblings.” But what the actor really wants to do is dive head first into playing a soap opera staple. “I’m hoping for a twin brother. I’m just saying. I’m hoping for Nolan’s bad boy twin brother who rolls up on a Harley in a leather jacket… you can’t have a soap without an evil twin! You’ve got to have an evil twin.” But, always thinking one step ahead, Mann said the twin doesn’t necessarily have to be of the same gender. “I’m thinking maybe Nolan has a twin sister, Nola. Could we just go for the Gold and have me play both? I’m just saying. I’m throwing out, I’m open to that idea.”

Hey guys, remember that time I FELL MADLY IN LOVE WITH GABRIEL MANN? (Not to be confused with the OTHER Gabriel Mann, about whom I also have feelings. He’s the keyboardist with big hair in this video.)