Posted on Wednesday December 5th 2012 at 02:52pm. Its tags are listed below.

What I’m hearing:

Morsi supporters arriving at palace in busses attacking protesters with knives guns and sticks, field hospitals, rumors of internet being shut, media wars, and Morsi still says NOTHING.

Last night, I also heard that not only did security forces retreat into the Presidential Palace in the face of the protests (Morsy also fled the Palace for his home in the wealthy-ish, far-out suburb of Fifth Settlement—if ever we saw protests there I would probably die of shock), but some of them actually switched sides and joined the protesters. Today I read that they didn’t so much join as turn to them for protection; not sure which is true.

Tonight my acquaintance Omar (yes, the creeper I posted about before) says that he thinks “it will be over” very soon. I don’t know if he means protests or Morsy’s declaration or the draft constitution or Morsy’s stint in office, but regardless, it’s getting real intense.

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