There are a lot of native eyes on The Lone Ranger. I told Lainey the other day that the sense I’ve gotten from my friends and acquaintances is a palpably painful hope that Tonto will be a representative we can be proud of and not an ugly joke we have to continue to tolerate. Of course there are those against this from the outset—Tonto’s legacy is so damaging and distasteful that there are many who would prefer he just stay dead and buried, and there are those against Depp, who is of uncertain native heritage, playing the role—but this is happening regardless, and a lot of people are taking he attitude of “please just get it right.”

Johnny Depp’s Tonto might not be a joke

There’s some interesting stuff about the treatment as seen in the first trailer (also available at that link), which sounds reasonably promising, or at least not damning. As the writer (she just goes by Sarah and it feels weird to refer to her that way?) says, we’re going to be having this conversation for a while.

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