I know that if women wish to escape the stigma of husband-seeking they must act & look like marble or clay - cold - expressionless, bloodless - for every appearance of feeling of joy - sorrow - friendliness, antipathy, admiration - disgust are alike construed by the world into an attempt to hook in a husband - Never mind Nell - well meaning women have their own Consciences to comfort them after all - do not therefore be too much afraid of shewing yourself as you are - affectionate and good-hearted - do not too harshly repress sentiments & feeling excellent in themselves because you fear that some puppy may fancy that you are letting them come out to fascinate him - Do not condemn yourself to live only by halves because if you shewed too much animation some pragmatical thing in breeches (excuse the expression) might take it into its pate to imagine that you designed to dedicate your precious life to its inanity.

Charlotte Brontë in a letter to Ellen Nussey, April 2, 1845. (via morgan-leigh)

But then they get that idea in their heads and they try to TALK ABOUT IT IT’S TORTURE

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