Fursa Sa'ida فرصة سعيدة

Posted on Sunday September 23rd 2012 at 03:17pm. Its tags are listed below.

Egyptians break up Libya visa forging operation in Cairo

It is understood that visas were being sold to people wishing to travel to Libya for as much as 10,000 Egyptian pounds (2,000 Libyan dinars), and that fake graduation certificates were also on offer. […]

Libya is a popular destination for Egyptians and others seeking work and as a transit destination en-route to Europe.

Several thousand migrants are reckoned to make the perilous voyage from Libya to destinations such as Italy and Malta annually, and more than 170 migrants have perished in the Mediterranean this year alone.

An Egyptian former coworker of mine grew up mostly in Libya: at least under Gaddafi, it was a pretty good deal for Egyptians. The Libyan educational system was such a mess that many of the teachers, doctors, etc—upper-echelon professionals in general—were Egyptian. (She said they all were, but I’m taking it with a grain of salt.)

I would also like to note that 10,000 EGP is about 1,666 USD. That is serious money. So already there’s a migration barrier there. It may seem counterintuitive to see that Egypt-to-Libya migration is a class and brain drain and not vice versa, but there you have it.