African-American barbershop quartet spotted singing on the NYC subway.

I gave them a dollar and surreptitiously recorded them for songstersmiscellany.

Don’t know much about geometry, don’t know much trigonometry….don’t know much about algebra…

You also get a little snippet of someone asking me for directions in Spanish, there at the end.

Oh, barbershop, I love you.

We used to sing barbershop tags as warm-ups in Voices. Memories.

  1. emmadelosnardos said: awesome! wow, i’m so glad you were able to articulate that connection. i saw the same group again today, singing the same song. they really need to expand their repertoire! what they do is good but they could do more than one song. :)
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    Doo-wop grew out of barbershop singing. African-American barbershop quartets like the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots...
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    Thanks, Roane! Correction noted.
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    Youuuu are right! I felt like I was missing a term, but couldn’t think of it.
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    I adore a cappella music in all its forms. :) I need to quibble though. This isn’t barbershop, it’s doo wop, strictly...