Music meme #7: A song that reminds your best friend of you.

Well, shit, the tough questions just keep on coming. I’ma tell you right now, I am totally punting this one. Answering this would require me to a) have a best friend (I go in more for a bunch of close friends, there’s no single bestie), b) ask them this question, c) endure the inevitable laughter, d) not hate whatever song they chose.

I was going to try to think of something that made me think of my friends, or friendship, or something, but it’s impossible. I’ve had too many different groups and kinds of friends in too many different places and times, there’s nothing that would apply to all of them and I don’t want to choose among them.

So here, have a random song I like: Don’t Go, Phantom by Jookabox. I guess it’s a spooky!rock kind of day.

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