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Posted on Monday August 6th 2012 at 07:36am. Its tags are listed below.

Music meme #6: A song you would consider your anthem.

Jesus, that’s not a tall order at all. Meme, do you understand? I have over 12,000 songs in my collection, and that’s not even counting whatever I’ve got on Spotify that I can’t find a download for (I’m guessing it’s in the hundreds). I am also terrible at picking favorites. You can’t—I don’t—my brain doesn’t work this way.

Ugh, so there was a long process of selection and disqualification for diverse reasons that we needn’t get into. Let me just note, out of respect for the songs, that passed-over candidates included Don’t Dig - Jam Factory remix by O. Children, Shout Me Out by TV On The Radio (one of my all-time favorites), and If I Were A Weapon by Suzanne Vega (one of the all-time badassest).

Ultimately, I ended up with Burial by Miike Snow, because I like it a lot, it fits my current mood, and I interpret it as being at least partly about the need to be kind to oneself, which is something I struggle with. It’s not very anthemic, but I don’t really roll that way.


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