It has come to my attention that I started doing the music meme backwards, because they have inexplicably put “Day 30” at the top and “Day 1” at the bottom. Unless they want you to do it as a countdown? Also inexplicable.

I am choosing to ignore this. So, 29 it is, then, except I’m going to call it 2, and we will never discuss this again because it will get too confusing and who really cares.

Okay then!

2. A song that makes you sad

I had to think about this for a bit, because that’s not really how I consume music. I curate music to fit the mood I’m in, but it doesn’t tend to make me feel things on its own. Then again, I suspect the person who wrote this meme really wasn’t thinking that hard about it, soooooo anyway.

I went with “Twice” by Little Dragon because there’s something incredibly lonely and resigned about it. It’s not ragey, it’s not weepy, it’s not trying to do anything…it’s just a kind of murky acceptance. In wonder, steady going under. That’s the saddest of all, to me.

[part 1]

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